Monday, April 13, 2009

Crazy Old Man

Today I was at Walmart doing a little grocery shopping and enjoying some alone time. I was in the pharmacy aisle looking for vitamins. There was an old lady in a scooter cart and an older man standing looking at the items on the shelf.

Then the strangest thing happened, the old man walked rapidly by me and threw something behind the vitamins on the shelf. I waited till he left the aisle and then looked at what he threw. It was an empty box of Visine!!! The old 80 year old man stole some Visine. I couldn't believe it! I know I have heard of old people stealing but didn't really believe it!

So, still in shock I checked out and walked to my car. As I was leaving the parking lot in my car, I saw him drive pas me in nothing less than a Jaguar!

What a crazy experience! What would you do if you witnessed this?

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