Monday, January 30, 2012

Fun with Spaghetti

My husband is Filipino and he told me that when ate spaghetti growing up his mom would always include hot dogs with the sauce. I thought this was a unique way to use hot dog but other than that never really thought much about it.

Well, while I was wondering around on Pinterest one day I found this fantastic idea and immediately thought of how my husband use to eat spaghetti. This evening, my husband and preschooler added a new twist to Filipino spaghetti and here are the pictures:

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Baby Boy Shower Ideas

My sister in law is pregnant with my second nephew! He is actually due any day now and I can not wait!!! Here baby shower was a couple weeks ago. For the shower, I created little diaper cakes for the center pieces and a first diaper wreath for a present. Here are some pictures of the diaper cupcakes:
Front View
The Tables at the Shower
Here is the wreath I made. It was personalized with my nephews name.
Center View


Pinterest is my new obsession. If you are not on the website and you have a creative outlet, you need to be! The website is a place to house pictures of things you like from all over the web and post them on virtual pin boards.

Here are somethings I want to make and document on this blog.
 If you check out Pinterest and enjoy it I highly recommend, requesting and invitation but be forewarned it is highly addicting.