Saturday, April 11, 2009

Gone Again.

My husband has left for Afghanistan. Well, technically he is at the airport with a departure time of 10:00pm. This is my third deployment with him. He has gone twice before to Iraq as a soldier now he is going to Afghanistan as a sucum of the earth contractor. This whole ordeal is so surreal, I am use to him leaving for business trips for 2 weeks at a time so it doesn't seem any different than a regular business trip.

The first two deployments there was this big good bye with a whole horse and pony show for family and friends. This time we kept it real causal nothing special just another business trip. I just feel once everything becomes a big production that is when I get more emotional. I do not like the attention I receive when people find out that my husband is deployed, especially now that I have a daughter. It is pity and people feeling sorry for me. But there is nothing to be sorry for. We have decided to do this for our family and country. It maybe hard but really, bumps in the road are part of life. I feel like it will make us stronger as a family and me as a person.

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