Saturday, May 26, 2012

First Pool Day

Today the pool opened up but unless you are member you can not go on holiday weekends. So, I tried to avoid this terrible thought of not being able to go to the pool even though it was open.

1. We went for a lame run - 1.77 in miles in 28 minutes. It turns out french fries and cheese steaks are not good for my running average.

2. We made our own water fun using water buckets, empty plastic contains, and medicine droppers. It was pretty fun watching my girls play in the water because it reminded me of when I use to play in the hose when I was kid. The simple memories.

3. We created chalk outlines of ourselves and colored them in. This was a beautiful activity because my girls loves to lay on the ground to make the chalk outline and color them.

Overall, it was a pretty good start to the unofficial summer season. :)

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