Saturday, April 23, 2016

First Straw

It seems that we have come to a crossroads. I think we stopped understanding each other. We stopped listening to each other. Maybe we just can not live together for longer than a few months.  It seems we can not agree on how we use to just click.

I am not sure why.

I do understand why you are upset about what you saw. But you should know that dancing to me is just like running. Something to do that is fun that also get my steps in. Unless I am with you. Whenever you and I danced together it was always the best. More than just exercise. Not really sure why you would think anything more. Why would you think you aren't my world? Have I done something for you to mistrust me?

If anything, I feel bad for myself because now whenever I say I went dancing, you will have a negative connotation.

I am so tired of so much. I am tired of wondering if I say the wrong thing or react the wrong way if I may offend you. It is really shitty. Reminds me of when I was with Paul. Worried about my next move and feeling restricted. When I was myself feeling guilty about it. That is not my favorite. It feels like abuse.

I feel like you only know 1/2 of me.
After the way you treated my family
My mind has changed.
Not sure why you think you can treat
Others the way you do.
Thought my happiness was your priority.
Hit me like a rock when I knew that was not
A reality.
Pleasure is something a hooker does.
Positioning another in front of yourself is love.
You are breaking my heart.

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