Sunday, March 29, 2009


Oh the surprises of motherhood!

I woke up this morning like every other morning. Got my daughter ready for the day. We went down for breakfast. I had a bagel and she had a banana with yogurt. Everything went like it did every other morning. She finished eating, I cleaned her up and put her on the floor to finish her milk.

Then BAM! as soon I set her down "BLHAAA" all over the floor. I picked her up and moved her, then "BLHAAAA" again, different spot on the floor. I picked her up again, and moved her so I could clean up both spots on the floor. Then a third "BLHAAAAA"! So by the time she has it all over her and the kitchen floor and I couldn't help but laugh at the situation.

So after we got cleaned up, she seemed fine and playful, so we decided to go out. We ran some errans and visited her aunt and uncle. Around nap time we headed home hopefully so she would sleep in the car. We arrived home and I opened the back door. I said "Hey, you're still awake! You didn't take a nap at all!"

I picked up the baby bag and all I heard was "BLAHHHHHHH", again it repeated 3 times! This time however it was not on the kitchen floor easy to clean up, OH NO! It was all over the car seat!

So I took Kayla out of the car! I put her on the sidewalk and tried to get the throw up out of the car! She was fine playing and trying to walk away. Everything is in the wash now and she is taking a nap.

Goodness, I love being a mom!

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